Providing access to confidence thorough beauty and business. 

Our successful brand launch in August has taken women from pitiful to powerful, confused to confident and in charge . We are now one of the top spots for beauty and business . 

After releasing her EBook “Taking Charge : Before You Launch: Part 1” , Our CEO , JAILYNTAMIA , has helped over 30 women confidently begin businesses . Her #WOMENINCHARGE movement is moving as she is offering business consultations and business mentoring packages to empower and assist women while building a business . In JAILYNTAMIA’s business consultations, she performs a  brand analysis for each client to decide what is hindering her clients sales , engagement, and traffic . Her “Business Mentoring Package” , JAILYNTAMIA provides one on one marketing, website, social media, sales, audience, and brand tips and assistance over the course of two weeks. 

Along with these amazing resources, JAILYNTAMIA also offer “Business Starter Kits” that teach business owners how to work with vendors no matter what business they are in. She offers 10+ different vendors kits. Each kit includes information about communicating with vendors, accessing vendors. The popular kits also includes a bonus vendors list of 5, 10, or even 15 vendors. 

JAILYNTAMIA’s new services can be found under the “Business Services” tab on our site. 

Ladies, continue to be a #WOMANINCHARGE. Begin your business. Begin your future. Begin taking charge.